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Foot Care: What you Need to Know About Podiatrists and Foot Orthotics

calgary podiatrists
Maintaining a healthy foot is essential for children, adults, or the seniors. Podiatrists assess, diagnose and manage foot problems.

Common foot issues include;

  • Foot injuries
  • Nail disorder such as ingrown toenails
  • Foot infections
  • Skin issues
  • Calluses and corns
  • Overuse injuries of the foot and ankle

How to select a good Podiatrist

1. Research and referral

You need to use informative resources when looking for the ideal calgary podiatrists. Asking your family doctor to recommend the best specialist podiatrists might be the first thing you do. Family, friends (especially health care providers), work colleagues, and obviously, the Internet would provide valuable information. The Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) and Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine are some of the best online resources. You will access the necessary resources for finding a podiatrist in your location.

2. Qualifications

Check the podiatrists’ medical background so as to be secure and safe. A podiatrist should have a valid practicing permits and proper education and training. Never select a podiatrist without formal training and permits.

The podiatrist should be certified by the Podiatrists boards to prove that they have knowledge in the field. Ensure that the physician is a member of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. CPMA accepts members with the highest education level and with knowledge on the latest podiatry techniques.

3. Technology

Check whether the podiatrist uses the latest technology and treatment methods. The podiatrist should offer technologies such as digital X-rays, Laser therapy, diagnostic ultrasound, HyproCure, K-laser treatment and FootMaxx Orthotics system.

4. Friendly

You cannot select a podiatrist based on education background alone. You need to deal with a friendly health care provider. Visit the podiatrist office to check whether it’s someone you can comfortably talk to about your health problems. Look for other podiatrists if you discover that you are not at ease. You are likely to get proper diagnoses if you can engage in an open dialogue with your doctor.

Foot orthotics

Foot orthotics is customized shoe insert designed to manage foot and other body organ issues. They help to relieve back pain, knee problems, and diabetic ulcers. An orthotic device controls the foot pronation and supination movement when walking, running or cycling. In essence, orthotics inserts support and enhance foot posture during excessive movement.

The materials used to manufacture the orthotics vary based on patient’s health condition, needs, and activities.

Foot orthotics goes hand in hand with the right footwear. Orthotics requires a robust and stable, supportive base. Keep off low-quality design and non-supportive footwear. It’s best to purchase footwear from a store dealing with orthotics shoe inserts.

Orthotics helps to manage foot ulceration, tendonitis, corns and calluses, heel pain, foot, and bone structure, patellofemoral syndrome

There are several types of orthotics such as functional foot orthotics for postural adjustments. Prefabricated orthotics is customized by the podiatrists to offer relief for specific conditions. Pressure relief orthotics used to eliminate pressure spots responsible for corns and calluses. They work by redistributing the individual body mass across the sole. Cushioning orthotics provide additional shock absorption to the foot.

It’s recommended that you consult a podiatrist to ensure that your orthotics is working properly. The podiatrists will provide further information on the ideal treatment plan to control your foot problem. We recommend the following Calgary Podiatrists.

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