Choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation

calgarys best custom kitchen renosWhen your kitchen looks worn out and exhausted, the best way to make it look brand new is by renovating it. Choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation is a big decision that can actually frustrate you. A good contractor will guarantee you peace of mind during the process. On the other hand a bad one will cause you sleepless nights.

Below are the things you should consider when choosing a contractor for your kitchen remodel.

Get recommendations

Talk to your friends, family and colleagues as they may know a good contractor. You could also get the help of people you know in that industry such as building inspectors. Once you get the recommendations go ahead and find out more about these contractors. Go through their websites, read customer reviews and learn more.

Check the credentials

It is important that you only engage the services of a qualified remodeling contractor. Do some research and find out what education or training is needed in that field. A good contractor must have done specific coursework and passed various tests to earn certifications. Some of these certifications include certified bath designer and certified graduate remodeler.

Check for specialization

Since you want your kitchen renovated, it would be advisable that you deal with a contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom construction. A general contractor might not be able to give your kitchen that unique look you so much desire. A contractor who specializes in kitchen remodeling and construction also knows everything required to make a kitchen up to standard.

Find out if the contractor is licensed and has insurance

A good contractor must have the necessary licenses that authorize him/her to operate in that given area. In addition insurance is also mandatory, just in case anything goes wrong during work. Check to confirm that the contractor has a general liability cover as well as a workers compensation policy.

Find out any affiliations to professional bodies or trade associations

Being affiliated to and accredited by professional bodies is a guarantee that the contractor is not an imposture. Besides these associations normally have strict code of conduct for their members. As such in case of any disputes the trade and professional associations will come in handy to assist you. Some of these affiliations include the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Get several bids

Budgeting is key for a project as big as a kitchen renovation. Get at least three quotations from different contractors. If possible let the contractor itemize the bid so that you know what you are paying for labor, materials and other things. Also do not accept bids that are just an estimate of the fixed price. Simply ask for a quotation that shows the fixed price.

Interview potential candidates

It is important that you meet face to face with the contractors. This interview will help you determine who is fit for the job and who is not. The way the contractor responds to questions will show how knowledgeable and experienced they are. You can check the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s website for questions.

Get a written contract

Once you have interviewed and settled for a given contractor ask for a written contract. This is what will bind you two and state out the terms of your relationship. The contract should state everything that you agreed on including the payments, materials and dispute settlement techniques.


Choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation should not necessarily be an uphill task. Armed with the right innovation you can find yourself an experienced and professional contractor. Ensure you stay in constant communication with the contractor so that everything runs smoothly.

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