How to select a moving company

moving packing services calgaryMany people consider moving to be a stressful event all over the world. The actual process of getting your property moved from one point to another can bring on melt-downs even to the best of us. However, you can minimize the stress by planning yourself ahead of time. Start by getting rid of clutters, having your home items placed in an organized manner and labelled well.

Figure out the important details about the move and the effect it will bring to you, your family and how to deal with them. This includes your work place, your kids school, the hospital, shopping places and others. A moving company minimizes the stress that comes with moving by ensuring your property is safe and arrives on time . In this article we will look at how to select a moving company.

We also recommend the following video for an example of a quality household moving company: 

Here are 5 tips on How to select a moving company

1. Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals from friends and family can be of great help as it will narrow down your search. This is because searching on the internet for a moving company will not get you the best results at first. You will most likely feel much better knowing someone you trust has a fast hand experience with the referred company.

2. Get the right estimates

Get to have more than one company offers and estimate the offer that fits your budget and plan. Do no settle for the first company that you get before you do your research further. Keep in mind that low rates do not necessarily mean that there are no other hidden charges. Hence ask if the agreed charges includes all others rates such as fuel charges and others.

3. Background check

Once you have identified the moving company it is important to have a background check. Find out how long they have been in the business, their office address and physical location. The more the success they have in moving the better, as they have the experience to move your property safely. Also search for online reviews about the company from other users before selecting them.

4. Ensure the moving company is licensed

Ensure that the moving company you have chosen is licensed by the government. This ensures that you do not engage with a fraudulent company that can cause you harm and damage to your property. If you are planning to move from one state to another the moving company should have the experience and license to move you across the state lines. If you are moving locally a local company is the best option as they have experience with the surroundings.

5. Ensure the company is insured

Ensure that the moving company is insured by a registered insurer. In addition, find out if there is adequate coverage for your property during the move under your renter’s policy as a precaution.


Moving can be an easy task when you plan ahead of time. Getting the right moving company is also important in easing the process. If you are planning to move soon the above tips will help you get the right company that will provide you with a fast and smooth move. We recommend the following Calgary Movers: Sparta Movers.

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